The Hidden Catch Privacy Policy

Developer/Win8 App 2012.10.29 12:25

Privacy Policy

The Hidden Catch dedicates its best efforts to the protection of users' personal information following not only related act and subordinate statute but also personal information handling policy.

The purpose of gathering and use of personal information.
The Hidden Catch does not gather personal information.

The period of use and possession of personal information.
The Hidden Catch does not possess personal information.

The way and procedure to destruct personal information.
The Hidden Catch does not gather, use and possess personal information.

The sharing and disclosure personal information to third parties.
The Hidden Catch does not share and disclose personal information.

In the case that offer and share personal information with other companies to provide service, The Hidden Catch should give notice beforehand and the agreement of users is needed following both 'The legislation about promoting the use of information communication network and information protection.' and 'The handling policy in personal information of The Hidden Catch.’

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